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by Marla Fogelman

Since Philadelphia, Pa.'s Stoneleigh Foundation was established in 2006, its Fellows have included some persons experienced in public policy, some who can do cross-systems work, some who have worked in academic settings, and some recent college graduates who qualify for Emerging Leader Fellowships. The characteristic all Fellowship recipients share, according to Stoneleigh Executive Director Ronnie Bloom, is that they have "something that they want to tackle."

safer schools
The late John C. and Chara Haas's family home in Villanova, Pa., now site of the Stoneleigh Foundation. John credited wife Chara for the idea of devoting their personal estate to help children and families.

That kind of ambition is imperative at an institution whose work seems to respond every day to what Martin Luther King Jr. once called life's most persistent and important question: "What are you doing for others?"



Training Opportunities

At-Risk Youth National Forum
"Success Within Reach: Strategies for At-Risk Youth" is the theme of this year's
At-Risk Youth National Forum, to be held in Myrtle Beach, S.C., during Feb. 15–18. Speakers and sessions will explore student, family, and community engagement; leadership and policy development; career preparation and transitions; and strategies and programs that have proven effective in reaching youth involved with the juvenile justice system.

National Conference on Bullying
Hosted by the School Safety Advocacy Council, the National Conference on Bullying in Orlando, Fla., will highlight evidence-based strategies and best practices for preventing bullying and building safe, caring schools and communities. The conference is designed for those who work with youth—particularly educators, law enforcement officials, and community representatives. Register today for the Feb. 24–27, 2015, meeting.


by Dave Marsden

It was 2013, and Kevin Bethel, Deputy Commissioner of Patrol Operations for the Philadelphia, Pa., Police Department for the past 2 years, had a concern. Officers under his command were responsible for arresting 1,600 public school students a year, and he knew it was creating great trauma in the lives of these young persons. As a member of the Philadelphia Youth Violence Prevention Coalition, he had felt challenged by Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey, Juvenile Court Administrative Judge Kevin Dougherty, and the Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative that was part of Philadelphia's violence-reduction strategy to think of new ways to reduce violence and achieve better outcomes for students.



Responses to Commercial Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking of Minors Addressed
The Institute of Medicine and the National Research Council have released a PowerPoint presentation on the OJJDP–funded report
Confronting Commercial Sexual Exploitation and Sex Trafficking of Minors in the United States to coincide with National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month (January). The presentation shares findings on how schools, businesses, victim services, law enforcement, the legal system, and healthcare providers can collaborate to prevent, identify, and respond to commercial sexual exploitation and sex trafficking of minors.


Ramsey, Robinson Lead Presidential Task Force to Promote Effective Crime Reduction While Building Public Trust
Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey was one of two persons recently appointed by President Obama to chair his Task Force on 21st Century Policing, the White House announced. Ramsey, who is president of the Major Cities Chiefs Police Association, will chair the task force with Laurie Robinson, who served as assistant attorney general for justice programs during Obama's first term.

Other Resources

Seminar Offered on 'Real World' of Teen Dating Violence
In the online seminar
"The 'Real World' of Dating Violence in Adolescence and Young Adulthood," Peggy Giordano shares preliminary findings from a longitudinal study on the nature of teen dating relationships and risk factors for dating violence. The findings challenge traditional assumptions about gender in early relationships and how young adults deal with disagreement. Conflict in regard to financial concerns, infidelity, and time spent with peers are risk factors for violence among teens. Dr. Giordano stresses that developing a more nuanced view of anger, control, and communication around these areas can provide opportunities to change patterns of violence in relationships.

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