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Funding Opportunities

Domestic Victims of Human Trafficking Program
The Family and Youth Services Bureau will award four cooperative agreements to implement the Domestic Victims of Human Trafficking Program demonstration grant. The program seeks to provide comprehensive case management to victims of severe forms of human trafficking and to build, expand, and sustain organizational and community capacity for providing trauma-informed, culturally relevant services. Applications are due August 19, 2015.

Mass Mentoring Project
The Mass Mentoring Partnership (MMP) offers no-cost technical assistance to Massachusetts youth-serving programs that facilitate high-quality empowering relationships for youth. MMP delivers large group trainings rooted in nationally recognized mentoring practices. Programs must participate in the Quality-Based Membership Initiative.
Training Opportunities

Improving School Attendance
"Best Practices in Truancy Prevention and Reduction" will share successful programmatic approaches for improving school attendance. This training, which will be held Sept. 21 in Denver, Colo., is designed to help attendees develop a custom plan for their communities, with practical tips and a look at the latest research on school attendance.

Evaluating Truancy Reduction Programs
Designed for truancy program managers, school and court staff, and community members looking to gauge the effectiveness of their truancy reduction programs, "Evaluating Your Truancy and Attendance" will be an interactive training experience. The 1½ day session will start October 5 in Denver, Colo.

Multisystems Integration and Collaboration
The Juvenile Justice and Child Welfare: Multi-System Integration Certificate Program will be held Oct. 29–Nov. 4 in Washington, D.C. This program aims to unite current and future leaders working to improve outcomes for crossover youth, increase knowledge of multisystem reform, and create a mutually supportive network committed to systems improvement and reform. Apply to participate by August 21, 2015.

Global Youth Justice Training Institute
Global Youth Justice will host its 12th Training Institute, December 1–3, in Las Vegas, Nev. Sessions will teach strategies for establishing or enhancing youth justice diversion programs through teen, student, youth, and peer courts and juries.