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Website Development

DSG offers top-flight website design and all related maintenance services. We produce and provide:

We develop Web pages, searchable databases, media-based training packages (including Webinars), and design structures that enable users to engage in online discussions about programs and issues.

DSG’s Web pages introduce users to agencies, programs, and projects. They present project activities graphically and comprehensibly—and give users a print option. Sites we have created for the U.S. Department of Justice and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services include:

We provide a system for interactive online communication, links to other programs or resources, and a password-protection gateway communication system for approved users that organizes the flow of electronic discussions.

Through its partnerships, DSG also offers substantial expertise in enterprise content management and digital archiving.

Custom Design
We will customize your homepage for 1) general users interested in a program’s purpose, objectives, and results or 2) a select audience (workshop participants, grantees, agency staff, and approved others) who can use a password to access the homepage, newsgroups, and forums. DSG uses existing software to convert word-processing files into HTML. Our software programs allow for the rapid development of a homepage and all textual and graphical updates to the homepage without the need to rekey existing information.

Our customized applications use a tabbed folder metaphor to graphically present the information on each project, individual, or other item. Each page presents information with selected data elements, reports, graphics. Photographs and other visual information can also be incorporated into the bibliographic database and displayed with this program. Similarly, each set of documents has unique information pages containing pertinent information. Information can be added to the database through a host of methods: locally, over the network, on disk or tape, or through scanning and translating documents. The information can be exported and used in myriad ways, using common word-processing formats such as MS Word or simple PDF files.

User Surveys
Approved users can set up a password electronically and receive guidelines through their home institution’s e-mail system. DSG can monitor usage and generate reports that detail who uses the system and what information is being accessed by each user. This system allows for private communication, posting of information, group interaction, and survey and data collection capabilities.

Our clients need a secure method of transmitting information. DSG develops encryption mechanisms to prevent unwarranted intrusion and protect confidential conversations, documents, and data. Our systems use 128-bit encryption keys based on the computer industry–standard developed by the National Security Agency.